Despite the fact that Archery does not affect Melee Rating and combat in Sryth tends to be too close and personal to employ the use of a bow, Archery can still be a pretty handy skill. The game often allows players to try to wound or kill an oncoming target with arrows before they close with the target, which can make combat significantly easier (or even unnecessary).

Starting the game with Archery will start a character with a basic bow. A character can use the skill right away – even in a startup scenario if there is an opportunity. If a character does not start with Archery, they must buy a bow from Criveson's Fur & Fletching in Trithik (which is also the cheapest place to acquire Archery within the game).

Types of bows

There are two types of bows in the game – the basic bow (Item IDs 114 and 452) and the Grand Ashen Bow.

The no-longer-available milestone combat contest almost introduced the new Bow of Breylgor, the effect of which should be similar to the Grand Ashen Bow. However, since the winner of the contest did not take the Bow of Breylgor, the bow does not exist within the game.


Possessing arrows is unnecessary since the game assumes that, as a skilled archer, a character never runs out of ammunition.

Criveson's Fur & Fletching used to sell arrows and quivers, as the game had previously required characters to obtain and keep these items for the use of Archery. The requirement of quivers and arrows was removed, along with the actual items, on 25th September 2005, when Sryth 2.0 was released.

How to Get Edit

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Agility, Body, Luck

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