Not surprisingly, the skill of Arcana is one dealing with obscure, magical and arcane knowledge. Any character proficient in this skill will be able to grasp the workings of the many complex magical devices that scatter the world of Sryth and know at a glance the powers and abilities of any given item that they collect.

Uses Edit

Arcana comes into play (is checked) in situations involving magical implements. If an enemy is trying to use such a magical item against you, an application of Arcana might be able to turn the tables.

Also, when the skill reaches level 30, you can use Arcana in SAFE locations to identify unidentified items without seeking the services of a sage. To do this, either open the "Use a skill" drop-down combo-box in the Stats window, or click "Use" next to Arcana in the Skills window.

How to get Edit

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Related stats Edit

Aura, Mind

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