Your Agility score gives you an idea of how quick your character is. Not just in terms of their ability to run fast (though that's certainly a part of it), but also the speed of their reactions, and their hand-eye coordination. (In D&D terms, it's a combination of Speed and Dexterity.) If you want your character to move like Bruce Lee, you'd be wise to consider having a high Agility score.


Since your Agility score relates to how well you can react to unexpected and nasty surprises, you'll be checking this score a lot. Starting out with a high Agility will also give you bonuses to your and affect how well you do in combat, as (quite obviously) being able to dodge when your enemy takes a swing at you avoids significant damage. Starting out with a low Agility score will also have a bad effect upon your combat prowess.

Affected skillsEdit

Archery, Horsemanship, Thievery, Weaponry (and subskills), Unarmed Combat

Improving this StatEdit

See Altering Ability Stats for suggestions on improving your base Agility.

Agility, like other Stats, may be improved or reduced by certain items. See Agility Items for more information.

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