Adventurer Tokens (AT) are the most valuable currency in Sryth. AT are earned through both regular game events (like the Proving Grounds), seasonal events and donations.

These tokens can be spent on special and powerful items, and also to unlock some advanced game features like the quickstone and the residence. Although there are some limited ways for non-AG players to spend them, most of their uses are AG-only.

This page shows where to get AT in-game, and where to spend them. For AT gained through donations, see the Donation page.

Where to spend them Edit

Refundable Edit

  • Tallys's Trading Post - on weapons and armor that aren't available elsewhere in the game. This is the only place in the game where you can get refunded the ATs you spend.

Quests, one-time purchases Edit

Repeatable Edit

  • A small windowless building with a blue door... (found in Hawklor, Trithik, and Talinus) Tokens can be traded in for experience (1 Token = 200 Experience) or gold (1 Token = 400 Gold).
  • Owlnook Tavern - The admission fee is 2 AT per week.
  • Luridor on Zumryn's Battlegrounds - For 1 Adventurer Token and 500 gold you can buy his healing stone, which can heal you up to 10 times during 24 hours, and only on Battlegrounds combats.

Sources through gameplay (Permanent) Edit

These rewards are permanently in-game.

Keep in mind that

  • Sometimes you must choose whether to get AT or other in-game benefits (mainly items).
  • Some AT rewards vary greatly depending on player performances in some scenarios such as the Proving Grounds.
  • You can skip some of these depending on your choices during some quests.
Amount Source
8 Bonus for upgrading a character to AG (AG)
16 Adventurer Bonus Pack, available to just one character per AG account. (AG)
12 Mirew Piperen in Stoneback Tavern after The Caves of Westwold
4 A Little Matter About an Orb (AG)
4 A Fireside Encounter
4 The Ghost of Deadwater Shoals
8 Mezaryl's Cellar
10 The Killing Hand of Winter
  • 2 - direct path through vale
  • 8 - Gamagryl's Lair
4 The Ring of Black Stones (AG)
16-20 Adrimar's Task
8 The Hall of Seven Ghouls - Hideous Spider Statue (AG)
8-16 Lift the Box
  • 8 - return box ONLY
  • 16 - return box AND bracelet
8 The Wounded Horseman - Town of Eastfell
4 The Missing Hilt (AG)
4 Lord Tarkhald (AG)
16 A Dark Chapter Closes (Runeskin saga) (AG)
16-20 The Shattered Skull - Part V - The Ghosts of Palemoor Isle
  • 4 - if you left the skull with Thane Pyrond
  • 8 - for giving Crude Wooden Figure to knight
  • 8 - for completion
16 Murilmyr's Hunt at Crow Hill (AG)
8 Meglasmire (AG)
0-24 Completion of each of the Proving Grounds 1-5
The rewards depend on performance, up to 24 tokens if you get 100%.
9 Proving Grounds V
  • 2 - Part 1: A Kurnok?
  • 2 - Part 1: A Kurnok?
  • 3 - Part 1: The Lost Bracelet
  • 2 - Part 1: The Beast of Lopturn Bog
0-64 Completion of Proving Grounds VI
The rewards depend on performance, up to 64 tokens if you get 100%.
16-24 A Haunting in Durnsig
From Varkyn's Trick Ring, which is one of the possible random rewards, if you choose it.
12 A Blizzard in the Hills
  • 4 - Icy Cave
  • 8 - for completion
8 The Twin Blades - King Wenreald (AG)
4 From giving Joruspur the hidebound book.
8 One Sunny Morning (AG)
8 Saarngard Keep
  • 4 - from Luriakan
  • 4 - from The Secret Door
1 The Griffon's Ledge Alehouse
12-24 Tarn
  • 4 - from Lorugar
  • 8 - after killing Urktuln
    • 4 - if you give the amulet to the goblin
  • 8 - from snail on the lower level
8-32 The Eye That Binds
  • 8 - showing Tallys the amulet pieces
  • 8 - from Tallys only if you gave the amulet to Kithala
  • 24 - from Tallys only if you give him the amulet

8 Thymbrak in the Goblinclaw Inn, if you sell a certain item to him in a certain manner. (AG)
5 Fogbough Forest - A Cave Lair
48 The Black Pouches - from Tallys, 16 before and 32 after (AG)
16-20 Heir to the Flame
  • 4 - using a certain skill in the Grand Hall
  • 16 - for completion
4 The Creeping Wood (AG)
4 The Guarded Glade in Bentlimb Wood - from an encounter that becomes available after using a certain item (AG)
2 Fang Ridge - From a massive black rat in the "Dark Hole in the Forest Floor" during To Light the Way.
20 The Seacliffs - From The Sea Dragon quest. (It costs you 4 ATs to complete the quest, but rewards you 24.) (AG)
4 Redwarren (AG)
Up to 60 Selling items to Timikith. (AG)
12 Fort Ironwind - 5 from a frozen body in the caves and 7 for the pelts you collect (AG)
15 A Simple Enough Task (AG)
Up to 8 Selling items to Virelea in the Copper Hilt Lodge trading post (AG)

Sources through gameplay (temporary) Edit

These include a lot of the Seasonal scenarios and are usually no longer available.

  • On the Milestone combat contest, you could win from 8 to 40 AT from the booster packs.
  • During the first Festival of Blades
    • There was a Blightroot quest that awarded 14 Adv Tokens.
    • You could steal 2 AT from Whitebeard
    • Part of the rewards for competing - 4 Adv Tokens if you were eliminated in the first round (i.e. 0 victories), 8 Adv Tokens if you were eliminated in round 2 (i.e. 1 victory), and so on.
  • Part of the reward of the Glowing Goblin installment of 2008 was an amount between 12 and 24 Adv.Tokens.
  • Between October 2007 and November 2008 you could earn 24 AT in Wurmwrit Farm after The Caves of Westwold. It was part of a Halloween treat that lasted for the whole year.
  • The original instance of A Blizzard in the Hills had an extra 8 AT reward at Rengol's Crash Site, during the holidays when the quest first came out
  • The Valentine's Day 2009 Surprise event rewarded you with 16 AT.
  • The April Fools 2009 event gave you an opportunity to win 16 AT.
  • From April 12 until April 20, 2009, there was a special Easter-themed Scenario in The Ruined City of Tarn that allowed you to earn 16 AT.
  • From July 7 until July 12, 2009, there was The Stone Hurl Challenge at the Battlegrounds (64-24 AT for the winners).
  • In August 2009, the first Archery Tournament awarded prizes to the top 30 winners. The prizes included 8 to 64 Adventurer Tokens.
  • September 2009 was decreed by the GM to be the "Adventurer Appreciation Month". Adventurer Tokens were given out in 2 out of 3 of his appearances. The tokens of gratitude were:
    • First Appearance: 16 AT, 8,192 General XP and 1,024 AS&P XP from a masked stranger in Blade Square. This reward was available until Friday 11, but later extended until Sunday the 5th of October.
    • Third Appearance: 8 AT, 8,192 General XP and 2048 AS&P XP from a masked stranger in Kolnia. The entire event was available until Sunday the 5th of October.
  • In the October 2009 installment of The Glowing Goblin, you were rewarded 8 Adventurer Tokens, 3072 General XP, and 512 AS&P XP for returning the 7 seeds to Farmer Wurmwrit. The seeds had to be collected before Sunday, November 8.
  • On November 2009 there was a second Archery tournament. The prizes included from 16 to 64 AT.
  • In the Winter 2009 installment of The Glowing Goblin, part of the reward included 64 Adventurer Tokens.
  • From the April Fools 2010 Event you could get another 16 AT.
  • The Halloween 2010 pumpkin growing contest featured 4 AT available to everyone and up to 36 AT for the #1 prize.
  • Easter 2011 included a prize of 16 AT.
  • The Stone Hurl Challenge II in Zumryn's Battlegrounds had AT prizes.
  • Yuletide 2011 gifted adventurers with 16 AT.
  • April Fools 2012 included a gift of 8 AT.
  • Easter 2012 included a gift of 6 AT.
  • From Gilbornn's Grim Elixir scenario you get 6 AT.

Footnotes Edit

  1. And allows to gain another 8 AT, so it's a draw
  2. Provided, of course, you make the correct decisions along your path of quests. See Skills and Powers for how to get each one of them. You can get all of them during the game
  3. Since the potential for this weapon is limited (being two-handed) some players are questioning the need of completing it. You can hold your ATs for the future.
  4. There is a consensus on the ring not being worth this price, because there are comparable (and refundable) pieces at Tallys.
  5. You get all but 10 of your ATs at the mapped location.
  6. But you get 15 from A Simple Enough Task, so you're 5 ATs richer in the end.